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SatPC32 version 11.0 is now available

Erich Eichmann DK1TB has released a new 11.0 version of his SatPC32
satellite tracking program.  New features added since version 10.0 include:

1. The date of the alon/alat entry may now be specified as "now".  This
eliminates the need to periodically update the date of the alon/alat entry
when AO40 is regularly magnetorqued to maintain a fixed alon/alat.

2. The FT-847 CAT functions have been improved to allow fully transparent
tuning with the FT-847.  When Doppler tuning is enabled, the "TX correction"
may now be adjusted via the FT-847 Sub Tune control, the mouse, or the
computer keyboard.  The Doppler tuning works correctly when VFO tracking is

3. A new "Observer 2" function allows the user to enter a grid locator and
display that location on the world map.  The azimuth, elevation, range, and
squint for the 2nd observer's grid locator is displayed in a separate
"Observer 2" window.

4. The grid locator of the mouse pointer may now be displayed when the mouse
pointer is moved across the map.  This function is enabled/disabled by
clicking the left mouse button while the mouse pointer is over the map.

5. A new "ISS" program has been added to provide Doppler tuning when
operating the ISS (normal "satellite mode" Doppler tuning is not possible
because the uplink and downlink are on the same band).  This program
controls the TX frequency by writing a custom repeater offset.

6. New 16-bit world maps have been added.  The 16-bit maps show more colors
on the world map, but do not significantly slow animation when using the
"preview" function.

Screen shots and a demo version may be downloaded from DK1TB's web site:

The full version may be ordered online from AMSAT-NA web site.  The AMSAT
web site hasn't yet been updated to indicate that the latest version is
11.0, but Martha does have the 11.0 master CD.

Wayne Estes W9AE
Mundelein, IL, USA

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