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RE: Dish sizes and local government/ BBQ dishes -REPLY toREPLY-


I think this is right on the target. I remember that quite soon after
becoming a ham our club was asked for help in resolving a neighborhood
RFI issues that was being created by a local CB operator. I volunteered
to go to Palmdale City Hall and represent the club's technical
capabilities and offered to help resolve the issue. There is a long (and
successful) story there but the long and the short of it is that getting
the club or individual hams involved in the political process in my past
experience has been helpful.

As a result of this I ended up becoming the club president for 2 terms.
Yet another long story there as well. We did succeed in getting out
Field Day activities relocated to a much nicer park located in the
center of town. We invited the mayor and the city council out to the
event, explained its objectives and made it clear that as a group the
Amateurs in the community were there to help.

And called upon we were. On January 17, 1994 the southern California
area was struck by a magnitude 6.7 earthquake at 04:31 AM. It was a
relatively moderate event as far as ground motion was concerned but it
still resulted in a significant amount of damage. Major freeway
overpasses were down, gas and water mains had broken and terrestrial
telecommunications facilities, including cell service, were seriously
disrupted. We mobilized the club and provided operators to man the Red
Cross EOC's in Santa Clarita and Los Angeles. We fixed their antennas,
provided communications support for the shelters and passed numerous
messages regarding food, medicine and comfort items. We re-united
several family members and in no small way helped put our community back

When I left the club because of a job transfer we enjoyed, as a group,
and excellent relationship with the community as a whole and especially
it's political leadership. I think that it cannot be stressed enough: As
an Amateur Radio Operator you must get involved in the local political
process. Unfortunately it is frequently only after a contentious and
disturbing local issue that the local ham or club gets involved. By then
it is too late.

Chris, KD6OUB

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Where I think that the ARRL and others are missing the boat is in not
"hams" to run for boards of trustees.  There is so much "misinformation"
the general public about amateur radio that its really a public
effort to "clean" it up and when you do most of the "noise" goes away.

When I ran for the board my opponent tried to make ham radio and my 
tower/VHF Arrays an issue.  He lost.

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