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[Announce] Ktrack 0.2.2 released


I have just released a new KTrack Version.


0.2.1 to 0.2.2

- Fixed an bug, where the unable to init rig message appears, if the user
  has selected 'none' in the rig control
- Fixed the bug that caused ktrack to crash, if one of the selected rigs are
- The rigs in the rigconfig comboboxes are now sorted alphabetically
- Only satellites that are displayed are now calculated. The previous version
  calculated them all, even if not displayed
- Much faster AOS / LOS calculation routines
- Only calculate AOS for satellites that actually can reach our position
- Removed the possibility to not correct the downlink... now the real way of
  doppler correction is always used!
- Removed every reference to the obsolete fodtrack driver that was still in
  the source tree from ktrack

As usual, you get get it at http://ktrack.sourceforge.net

73, Luc

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