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Via UO-22: Marconi 100th KM1CC Cape Cod

Downloaded from UO-22 2003-01-19, 2300Z (dated 2129Z)
From:     NX2Q
To:       ALL
Subject:  Marconi 100th  KM1CC Cape Cod
Keywords: Marconi's transatlantic QSO in 1903
To  : ALL
From: KM1CC
Time: 202802UTC
Date: 17 Jan 2003
Hello ALL,

Greetings from the gang at the Marconi 100th anniversary
celebrating the first public two-way wireless
communication between Europe and America on January 18,
1903. With elation, communiques from President Theodore
Roosevelt and King Edward VII were translated into
international Morse code at the South Wellfleet and
English stations, respectively, and were transmitted
by spark gap transmission.

Best 73 from the KM1CC Amsat gang here at Marconi special
event station at Coast Guard Beach, Cape Cod FN51.

Rick, N1HID
George, W1ME
Al, NX2Q
Jeff, KB2M
Jeff, KT2K.
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