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Using NW Bell 36250 as a signal source

I have added the following information to my web site:

The Northwest Bell model can be used as a signal source for AO40 receive
testing. The base unit is the part that transmits in the AO40 band. To
control its frequency apply power while holding the Page button down. Then
release the button and the unit will be transmitting on 2403.30 which is
between channel 19 and 20. Each time the Page is pressed the unit increments
to the next channel. 22 presses will bring the unit to channel 1 at 2400.45,
5 more presses will put the unit on 2401.350 or right in the middle of the
AO40 bandpass. The channel spacing is 150kHz.

I am still working on ways to make this unit a more valuable signal source.

Gary Gonnella W6RYO

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