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K-band #1019, #1020

	To all K-band enthusiasts:

Very good signal levels of the beacon during MA 126 and 127
can be reported. Some slight correction of the elevation
(by 0.5 deg) and probably good squint angles (last Alon/Alat
measurement was on orbit 1012) brought (S+N)/N values
of up to 9/10 dB (0.48 m dish). 
The QSB experienced might be caused by a
non-perfect circular polarisation of the feed. Currently
the temperatures don't allow any more detailed investigation.

Especially on orbit 1020 at MA 128 the level of the beacon 
dropped dramatically and CW stations at beacon freq +10 kHz  
and SSB stations at beacon freq -15 kHz were much louder 
than the beacon.
U-Rx AGC was down to 0 at the end of MA 127 and was immediately
jumping to 18 db, then flattening out to between 11 and 15 dB.

K-Tx Power (raw data) was starting at 89/88 and flattening
out to 76 on both orbits.

	73, Viktor OE1VKW 

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