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Re: Who remembers Carl and Jerry ?

I'll self-spot myself here:


I've scanned in a number of C&J stories, and they're published on the
web at the given URL.

Frankly, the passing of Gernsback as a name in the publishing industry
has more significance, since Hugo Gernsback also is the father of
science fiction, as witness the annual Hugo Awards for SF literature.
Many of us started looking outwards because of those works.

At the time of the C&J stories, Popular Electronics was a Ziff-Davis

One of these days, I'll take a break from DXpeditioning and
contesting, and put up some more of those stories.

73, doug

   From: "Keith O'Brien" <n4zq@hotmail.com>
   Date: Sun, 19 Jan 2003 13:57:22 +0000

   It was sad to have read  the following news of the end of the publication of 
   Popular Electronics magazine. As a 12 year old lad back in the late fifties 
   studying for my one year, non renewable, 5 word per minute code Novice 
   license, I read Pop Tronics like it was a bible. I hung on to every word of 
   every article trying to absorb it all. When a new issue was bought home by 
   my Dad, I couldn't see it till my homework was all done. My fathers way of 
   stressing a early life lesson, one of many, in work ethics..

   Without a doubt the very first article to be digested were the adventures of 
   Carl and Jerry. Two kids who used ham radio and electronics to get into and 
   out of trouble, and solve life problems. For those of you that have no cue 
   who Carl and Jerry were, try to get your hands on an old copy of PE. It's an 
   enjoyable read.

   The construction articles were second to none.  Every issue had something 
   for the early electronic tinker to fool with. In fact my first homebrew  
   radio came from PE along with a resonate end feed wire antenna and tuner. 
   This was all back in the time when  radios glowed in the dark. I owe a lot 
   to PE for my early start in ham radio and remember with great fondness those 
   times.  Keith N4ZQ

   * Poptronics ceases publication: Poptronics magazine--which evolved from
   the former Popular Electronics and Electronics Now magazines--ceased
   publication with the January 2003 edition (Vol 4, No 1). "After 94 years
   of publishing electronics magazines Gernsback Publications is no longer
   operation," said Larry Steckler, Poptronics' editor in chief and
   publisher. "Negotiations are under way to provide an alternative
   publication to Poptronics subscribers." Steckler says a new on-line
   edition of Poptronics will soon be available. Poptronics Interactive, a
   separate on-line, paid subscription site announced in the October issue
   Poptronics, also is scheduled to return soon, Steckler said. The company
   plans to post the latest information on its Web site
   <http://www.Poptronics.com>. The site has been undergoing "remodeling,"
   but Steckler said it should be back in operation by the end of January.
   Many veteran amateurs may recall the "Carl and Jerry" stories by John T.
   Frye, W9EGV (SK), which appeared in Popular Electronics in the 1950s and
   1960s. The tales involved the ham radio-related exploits of a couple of
   teenaged hams.

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