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Antenna Questions

I enjoy reading the news but this is my first posting.   I am a newbie, and
was hoping for a little help.  I purchased an antenna years ago but never
used it - didn't have a radio.  A very good antenna, but now I rebuilt it
and have questions.  I have a yaesu 5500 with a 9 ft boom through it. In the
center I have a 10 turn helix for 440, and on each end of the boom is an 8
element 2M beam.  These beams are angled in at about 30 degrees.  Does this
give me circular polarization?   The beams each have a "loop" of coax, 50
ohm, about 27 inches long, "behind" the driven element.  Then, there was 75
ohm coax from each beam to the " T " connector (connecting the beams) and
then to RG 8 into the radio.  I had to replace these 75 ohm chunks of coax,
and cut them the same length - 8 ft long for each.  My problem is that these
chunks of coax seem to be too short.  When I turn the rotor, the beams
"pull" the ends off of the coax.  Can I increase the length of these or must
they be a certain length?
Any help would be appreciated, as I am looking forward to doing much more
satellite work.
Thank you in advance.


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