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Re: Cordless phone interference and the law (Summary and Comments)

I have followed this thread with great interest.  S-Band is completely
unusable at my QTH due to interference.  Here is a recap with comments.

>Steve...AI7W wrote [The Electronic Communications Privacy Act of 1986 had a
specific exclusion for the radio portion of cordless phone communications,
public land mobile radio (mobile phone), and pager service communications.
This exclusion didn't make it legal to listen to these services, it just
made it less
serious than listening to cell calls. The ECPA was changed by congress when
they passed the Cyber Electronic Security Act in 2002. One part of the
change was to eliminate that exclusion (section 108, sub section 2511,
paragraph (B)). The best part is it was changed from a minor offense for
which one can be fined a maximum of $500 to a federal felony for which one
can be imprisoned for up to 5 years.]

My research agrees it is illegal to listen.  I believe it is legal to DF
listening to the carrier alone.  I believe revealing you can do that might
be a bad idea.

>JoAnne...WB9JEJ wrote [Chances are she'll decide she needs to keep her
$19.95 phone and contact the legislators to enact a law where hams can't use
the band anymore.]

In essence that is what has happened.

>Jim...KQ6EA wrote [How you deal with interference from hundreds of
thousands of 802.11b devices spreading across the country is another matter.
The Genie is out of the bottle, and he 'AINT going back in.]

I believe this is correct, but I would add I believe it is or soon will be
millions of devices.

>Stan...WA1ECF wrote [Most offenders are reasonable and do not know of the
interference and when informed will permanently cease operations.]

No offense Stan, but you must live in the greatest place on earth.  The only
thing I have ever succeeded with was buying and/or replacing the offending
appliance (at one time I had a great collection of touch lamps).  General
perception is the device works great without the amateur around, so the
amateur must be the problem.

>Roger...WA1KAT wrote [I would just buy her a new phone...I think
Hollingsworth is an attorney and it would be cheaper and faster in even the
short run not to pay an attorney....fun for them...not for you.....

I agree Roger, this is the only thing I have ever seen work, and everyone
remain friendly.

>Steve...AI7W wrote [Some emails I've gotten about this issue make me think
that there is interest in pursuing this issue with the FCC.  IMHO: I don't
think that is a good idea. Anyone who wants to press the FCC for an official
decision on this had better familiarize themselves with the ECPA (Electronic
Communications Privacy Act) as modified by the Cyber Electronic Security Act
of 2002. This is a very draconian law that could have serious consequences
for our use of shared bands.]

We (amateurs) are such a small group that making noise is generally counter
productive.  Much like the courts have now ruled 17 feet is a "reasonable"
PRB-1 accommodation for HF antennas.

>Gary Gonnella...W6RYO wrote [http://www.w6ryo.com I am working on a list of
2.4Ghz wireless phones and the frequencies they use. I plan to post this
information on my Web page. if you have one of these phones please send me
the FCC ID number from it and I will add it to my list. If you happen to be
in a store and write down the number this would be appreciated. I plan to
come up with a list of phones that are not on the AO40 output so these can
be recommended to neighbors that are causing problems. The small amount of
data I have gathered so far is on my Web site. Look under Wireless Phone

THANKS Gary!  This is a great service that I intend to use.

>Tom...w3iwi wrote [Anything is permitted in the ISM (industrial, scientific
and medical) -- in the US, Part 18 ISM includes 13.56 MHz, 27.12 MHz,902-928
MHz, 2400-2483.5 MHz, 5725-5850 MHz, 24.00-24.25 GHz]

You have to wonder why we build satellites that use these bands?

My Thoughts,
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