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1/17/2003 ao-40 net

Hi everyone

I want to thank all of you who have checked into the ao-40 beacon +20 amsat 
net tonight (Friday).  We had a great group of 20 check ins.  I enjoyed 
meeting most of you for the first time.  It was only my second time in this 
net, and my first time ever to be net control.  Please watch amsat-bb for 
the announcement for the next beacon +20 amsat net on ao-40.

The following hams have checked into the net in the order shown:

wb6llo - Dave
k0jqo	- Ryan
n0yk	- Chad
w5sjz 	- Keith (w5iu)
ka9erv	- Craig
ve3npc	- Clare
wa8efc	- Bill
wa1qxr	- Kent
w2nbj	- Al
wa1dmv	- Bill
nx3b	- Tom
wa6dnr	- Allan
k5guu	- Ken
w4nus	- Guy
w0oqc	- Bill
w2xb	- Don
k5man	- Karl
n0zhe	- Greg
ai7w	- steve
ko6th	- Greg

I'll be on vacation until the end of February, going to South Africa, to 
enjoy Summer time for a while.  I plan on checking into the net again when 
the wife and I are back again.

73, de Dieter kx4y

Dieter  K.  Schliemann         e-mail:    kx4y@amsat.org
Mobile:   1.256.599.0581
FAX:       1.707.598.1957

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