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stripping email

This is kind of off topic but not too far as you will see.

At http://www.papercut.biz/emailStripper.htm (and other places, try Google) 
there is a free little program (165kB) called email stripper. I just used 
it to convert the post of Ed Hare's letter defining harmful interference as 
quoted on amsat-bb: (RE: Cordless phone interference and the law by Steve 
AI7W) to a clean copy that I could paste into a Word document. It magically 
removes all the > type quote marks. You just copy the original posting to 
cllipboard, paste into the emailstripper window, click a button and copy 
and paste the result into Word. I first tried using Word's replace function 
but it didn't work as I was still left with broken sentences and 
paragraphs, just like the posting, which would have required more work. But 
emailstripper produced a perfect result. Try it.

This program does not need to be 'installed'. Just run the .exe file 
directly like the old days.

I just thought there might be others who would like to clean up an email 
document for saving or forwarding. I have used this program a lot 
especially since Jan 4 when I started receiving a ton of forwarded emails 
concerning the Ohio State University football team and their national 
championship victory at the Fiesta Bowl. Some were good enough that I 
wanted to archive a clean copy.

73, ron

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