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Latest AO-27 news

>From the AO-27 command team:
AO-27's orbit has moved the satellite into a period of Full Orbit Solar
Illumination. Due to this, the TEPR method of timing the Transmitter does
not work. Therefore AO-27 cannot turn its transmitter on by itself and can
only be turned on by ground station command. We will try to turn it on for
analogue work on the weekends when we are not downloading telemetry. We are
working on new flight software that will let us upload a schedule for the
transmitter. This will take us sometime to write, debug, and upload to AO-27.
Please help us by being patient during this process. E-mail about when the
satellite will be on will just slow us down. We are working quickly but 
to get AO-27 back in analogue mode. As a bonus to this orbit, during the 
of Full Orbit Solar Illumination, we will be able to have the transmitter on 
night and for different parts of the world. 

Mike, N1JEZ
AMSAT #29649
Local Area Coordinator
"A closed mouth gathers no feet."
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