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Re: A dish and environment question

Hey Rube (Goldberg), er Fred,

Comments and a query below.


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On 1/17/03 at 2:44 PM Frederick M. Spinner wrote:
>I think $70US from another ham in Texas.  

Yep. K5GNA. Bob.

>I doubt if the rotator will do it. OK it will in no winds.  It might
>survive  winds if you point the dish straight up.  If you forget to do this in high 
>winds, you'll probably strip out the rotator.  In any case the dish needs
>to  >be (very nearly) perfectly counterweighted and balanced.

Very true. I've stripped the gears out of one while trying it out and getting good TX wind blasts!

>TVRO acutators and gear motor drive systems are up to the task..
>I've  >put together a set of sprockets, chain and a surplus gear motor for about 
>$50 US so the Az can be done cheaply.  

TELL ME MORE!  Pictures?  AZ control has been one of my main frustrations and "Armstrong" doesn't cut it as too far to the dish from the shack, etc.

I *DO* use one actuator for Elevation now and it's just fine.

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