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Re: Re: AO-40 AGC study,please read it!

I'm a little fuzzy here: Why would a QRP evening each week work any better
than the current instructions to operate at 2 "S" units below the beacon? It
would still require user cooperation, wouldn't it?

With my new antenna setup I can hear much better than I did previously using
the 1 meter dish. AO-40's beacon is consistently 7 to 9 S units above the
noise now. I call stations using my L band uplink of 10 watts and get no
replies or worse, comments that I must have power problems as my signal is
real weak into the satellite!

The real truth is that the other station is having difficulty hearing me,
not that my signal is weak. I can see my L band signal at about 5 S units
above my noise floor (10 watts into 70 feet of LDF4-50 to a Directive
Systems 55 el loop yagi). The stations I try to call are at least another
couple of S units above me. Most are just slightly less than the beacon, but
not by the recommended amount. Some are equal or stronger than the beacon
signal. I know this because I switch between VFOs on my ICOM 746 which I use
for my down converter IF. One VFO is on the QSO, the other is on the beacon.

I have found that most users who have heard Leila admonishing them on their
poor operating practices state that "Leila is not for me! It must be working
improperly again" (or words to that effect). Ask not for whom the bell
(Leila) tolls, it tolls for thee...

How are they to be convinced that their receive system is still "marginal"
at best and in real need of improvement if they want to really work this
bird as suggested by control operators? I know that in my case, I didn't
believe the improvements suggested by W0LMD on his website, that were
achievable with the larger dish.

It's probably like they say, "Nothing worse than a reformed (put your
favority here!)". Education is still needed for the operators on this bird.

I'm falling off the soapbox now...

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> A QRP evening a week would be great! I have also been able to copy myself
> at less then 1/2 watt on the uplink. Lately the Over use of power on the
> has been so brazen that i have been recording signals on my spectrum
> and 'tagging' them with callsigns,  So before we have to start a web page
> of shame
> maybe some of you guys, (you know darn well who you are) will start to get
> little reasonable
> with your uplink power levels.
> 73,
> Keith N6ORS
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