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Commercial 470-490MHZ 5 element beam for 436MHz Receive

I know most of you guys out there are smarter then I am....I hope one of you 
can help...

I just acquired a Larson Kul-Rod 5 Element beam stock cut for 470-490MHZ....

Thinking I could use it for 436 Downlinks like an "Arrow" I started to look 
at the construction, element length and spacing.

It has a Gamma match and "UHF" female (SO-238) connector (boooo..) on the 
driven element and one reflector.

Calculations show that I should increase the total element length by an inch+ 
or so (the exact number escapes me right now) but changing the spacing is 
near impossible...

Question:  This antenna will only be for receive, I have always been of the 
belief that the more metal you put up in the sky the better reception you 
get....(I know.... wavelengths etc.....)

Will the extra receive gain I get from extending the elements be worth it if 
I don't change the existing spacing?  I plan to use this handheld for receive 

I appreciate your responses...sorry to bring the frequency discussions back 
down to 450 MHz...hihi

Thanks in advance!


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