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An Observation...


Yesterday I had no problem at all to get to the sat. I used around 20-30 Watt 
out in the shack to an small X-Quad from WIMO on 70cm on the uplink. I have 
around 2dB losses. On Wednesday I needed much more power. Yesterday, AO-40 
had a pass where it was 'coming' from Asia into my qth... On Wednesday it was 
over the USA. In both cases the squint was < 15°!

For me, it seems it is nearly always easy to work, when it is over asia, even 
with quite a few stations on the passband. It is not the first time I noticed 
this. I am wondering myself why that is the Case.

These radar pules... isn't that a system only the USA has on '70cm' ?

If yes... could that cause LEILA to jump wild around, and hoving not enough 
slots to actually warn every station with too much uplink power, and thus the 
AGC gets driven high?

Well... I know only an vague theory... Maybe one of the people in the know, 
can explain if I could be right - or not...

Thanks, Luc, LX2GT
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