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Re: QRP day on AO-40

>I have read the mails about having a QRP day on AO-40
>with great interest.
>I too think it would be a good idea - but it would be nice to
>hear about the experience with QRP days on AO-10. I was not active
>during that time. Therefor I have some questions:
>How did that work ??

Yes, Ib, it worked just fine....on qrp (Monday's as I remember) days 10 
watts was
adequate with ~10db antennas, then on the "other" days it took ~50 watts, 
or more,
to do exactly the same thing..

>Did people respect that ??  Yes, most people did, and they were pretty 
>obvious in

But I sure disagree with anybody "policing" our ham bands...ridiculous in my
estimation...this is amateur radio, many inexperienced people, and some are 
to goof up...SO WHAT??  Deliberate interference is another thing, simply 
ignore them.

If you want policing go to commercial radio of come kind, all of us pay 
enough taxes
to support that...

            73, Dave wb6llo@amsat.org
                    Disagree: I learn....

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