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RE: Re: AO-40 AGC study,please read it!

> Human nature being what it is, I would say this is a losing 
> proposition on
> an open-acess satellite.  LEILA was a creative and optimistic 
> idea, but...   
> So with upcoming digitalization of satellites, I wonder if we won't be
> seeing the advent of access codes someday.  You want to work 
> the satellite,
> then you register your station and sign a agreement to abide 
> by the "rules
> of good conduct".  You are issued a unique access code.  You 
> exceed these
> "rules" too often and your access code is revoked!
> I expect I will get flamed to "H___" for advancing this idea.

I would be against the idea of such a "closed" satellite.  Closed systems
are foreign to many parts of the world, and it's a recipe for infighting,
IMHO.  A better goal would be to design systems which are more tolerant of
operator error.  Phil Karn mentioned TDMA based systems a long while back.
Automatic power control of the Tx is another thing which becomes possible.
Digital systems open up a whole realm of possibilities for using technology
to manage aspects of operation which aren't well handled by human nature.

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