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Re: SAFIR 9600 baud downlink

I have only received the INFO message but it was transmitted every
second,in blocks  followed by a pause, then every second  in a block again.
Due to doppler and a 5khz switching I only got the following (at maximum
elevation at 1828:30 utc) tonight:

I N F O @ @ p D P ` A I S ` . x D P 0 @ H R   ` l ` t d t r   r ` d h n   d
x p d r h l d n t   R @ F H R , L   h n   n r b h t   n n   b n ` r d   n f
  R t b h n , 2 

In all I got this 20 times. TRACE was ON with a TMD700E and Packcom.

As Don previouly demonstrated it is possible to reconstruct the broadcast
message by inserting the missing bit as appropriate.

The burst every second, and the fact that I did not receive any other
telemetry, marks  a radical departure that I think must herald a further
deterioration in the satellite although I hope to be wrong!

andy g0sfj. 
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