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Satellite DX - Isle of Jersey


Looks like a couple of good AO-40 passes for me this weekend so I'll be
travelling out to the Bailiwick of Jersey tomorrow evening.

Good times for me are:

Sat 18 Feb 03 1737Z to 2316Z
  (RUDAK 1941Z-2053Z, K 2053Z-2103Z, Squint < 15 degrees)
  North & South America, Africa & Europe

Sun 19 Feb 03 1201Z to 2018Z
  (RUDAK 1449Z-1600Z, K 1600-1609Z, Squint < 15 degrees)
  Australia, Asia, South America, East Coast North America, Africa & Europe

I'll probably operate some LEO stuff to.

I won't be operating all the time, but will post precise times on the BB
when I know what's what. If anyone has any specific times in mind, let me
know. I'll try to be on the #amsat IRC too.

I'll be using callsign GJ6LVB/P.

73 Howard G6LVB

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