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AO-40 Report

Greetings to all,

I have been QRV on AO-40 since Oct. 23, 02 and I have worked 248 unique
calls on the bird. The breakdown is as follows:

W/K-94, 4X-1, XE-2, 6Y5-1,  CT1-2, CX-1, DL-29, EA-3, EA8-2, F-9, FK8-1,
FY-1, G-6,

GW-2, HA-1, HL-1, HR-1, I-11, JA-22, KH6-2, KL-2, LU-5, LX-1, OK-3, ON-6,
OZ-2, PA-5, 

PY-4, SM-1, SV-1, TA-1, UU-1, VE-4, VK-11, VR2-1, CE-1, YB-1, ZF-1, ZL-4,

I must admit that all of this time I've been recovering from surgery.  I
have been on nearly every pass available when I've not been out of town. 
That puts those working folks to a disadvantage.  I will be rejoining
that group in early Febr. so my QSO rate will fall accordingly!

It's been great fun.  73 and thanks to all for making it happen...

Frank, K0BLT


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