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Re: AO-40 AGC

Never a dumb question.     Who's next

For a 250 kHz wide pass band divided into 3 kHz segments ( expected 
Rx load ) ,   what level AGC should be expected in the Telemetry if 70 
 % of  the 3 kHz pass bands are active?
Is that the AGC level selected to protect the ( AO-40 ) down link
anplifier ?
How much power would it take on Rx input for one up linl signel to cause 
 the same level of AGC indication?
Is there a dB output reduction related to up link power input as the 
 AGC approaches the protection level?
Is there more than one AGC detection level that causes a response 
 to the down link amplifier?
Is the protection AGC currently set to an expected input load 
 rather than a full load ?
Is it proper to believe that any signal found to be above the middle
beacon level, 
has to be a mode L up link.

Just wondering.

Joe   K0VTY

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