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Marconi special event sat ops update

  Good day everyone. I had to leave the Marconi site Tuesday afternoon
because of problems at work. I stopped on LINY and did a temp fix, on the
way home, but won't be able to return to operate.  I have to finish working
on  the problem from my office rest of week.
  There are currently 2 sat ops on site, NX2Q Al , and M1ME George. Jeff
KT2K will arrive Friday, and Rick N1HID will be back tomorrow. I would like
to say it was a pleasure working you guys from the special event station. We
had more then our fair share of problems , getting some interference from
some of the HF station's, antenna problems , had to move the rover sat
station after we setup, in 50 MPH wind gust's, etc. But it was a blast
working the sat's in front of the school kids!
  So their good to go on AO-07, AO-27 (see  note below), AO-40, FO-20,
FO-29, NO-44, SO-50, and  UO-22.
 I will post some pictures of the sat ops on UO22, and at my web site
www.qsl.net/kb2m  sometime tonight or tomorrow morning. Once again it was a
pleasure working anyone I worked on the sats.

****From Chuck N1UC****
AO-27 is in the Sun all of the time (at the present time),,,it never enters
the eclipse therefore the TEPR states will not work, turning on/off the
transmitter....We are working on new software to upload to the bird,
unfortunately too late for your event.

It may come on a few times when I manually turn it on.


PS I'm doing pretty good working them. I worked them mobile on 10m,15m,and
>From the home station on 20m, FO-20, and AO-40........

73 Jeff kb2m

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