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RE: Cordless phone interference and the law (was:serious S-band Interference problem)

Hi Jon,
	I don't have a clue if analog phones on 2.4 ghz are legal or not. I'm
fairly certain that they are pretty common. One of the hams on the BB owns
	I believe Riley's only interest in the phone is to provide me with a
legal way to find it so I can ask the user to stop interfering with my
satellite operations. It they refuse, then he may get more interested.
	I don't know the power level but I can tell you that the signal is
very strong with lots of reflections. It is very difficult to DF with the
dish because of the signal strength. I can't be completely sure at this
but I believe it's not one of my immediate neighbors.
	I guess the cordless phone user wasn't home or something last night
because a was able to listen to AO-40 for over an hour with no problem. I
didn't get on because I was sure that she'd show up the minute I started a
Steve .. AI7W

>I'm just jumping in on this, and went back to the original post you made.
>thought all 2.4 GHz phones had to be digital spread spectrum.  I am
>surprised that an analog phone is out there.  If I am correct and analog FM
>is not allowed, I can see why Riley is interested.  There could be a crop
>phones that made it into the country that don't pass muster.
>If I am wrong and FM is allowed, then the power level should be VERY low.
>2.4 GHz signals don't travel all that far and your dish is rather
>directional.  So she's got to be VERY close.  Could be one of your
>> I heard from the FCC, specifically from Riley Hollingsworth and I'm
>> pretty
>> surprised at the response. Riley is going to research ways that I can DF
>> cordless phone interference without listening to the voice. I assume that
>> means that it's illegal to listen to cordless phone transmissions even if
>> they are in our amateur bands.
>> I don't know what else to say, I'm kind of baffled by this. I guess I'll
>> wait and see what he comes up with.
>> Steve .. AI7W

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