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Re: AO-40 AGC study,please read it!

Has anybody identified the cause(s) of sudden drops in the AO40 downlink signal strength?  I'm talking about when everything is working fine, and then the signal SUDDENLY drops by ~10 dB for ~30 seconds, and then SUDDENLY returns to "normal".  The duration of the drop is longer than a typical LEILA attack, and I can't hear a LEILA siren when I tune up and down a few kHz.

What do you guys with panoramic receivers see in the passband when everything suddenly drops 10 dB?  Has anybody noticed a geographic pattern when this occurs and doesn't occur?  I suppose this could be caused by an extremely powerful SSTV or RTTY station.  Or perhaps the offending signal is NOT a ham?

Wayne Estes W9AE
Mundelein, IL, USA
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