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Re: Cordless phone interference and the law (was:serious S-band Interference problem)

on 1/14/03 11:36 PM, Steve at jepsen_st@mindspring.com wrote:

> I heard from the FCC, specifically from Riley Hollingsworth and I'm
> pretty
> surprised at the response. Riley is going to research ways that I can DF the
> cordless phone interference without listening to the voice. I assume that
> means that it's illegal to listen to cordless phone transmissions even if
> they are in our amateur bands.
> I don't know what else to say, I'm kind of baffled by this. I guess I'll
> wait and see what he comes up with.
> Steve .. AI7W

I'm just jumping in on this, and went back to the original post you made.  I
thought all 2.4 GHz phones had to be digital spread spectrum.  I am
surprised that an analog phone is out there.  If I am correct and analog FM
is not allowed, I can see why Riley is interested.  There could be a crop of
phones that made it into the country that don't pass muster.

If I am wrong and FM is allowed, then the power level should be VERY low.
2.4 GHz signals don't travel all that far and your dish is rather
directional.  So she's got to be VERY close.  Could be one of your immediate



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