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Cordless phone interference and the law (was: serious S-band Interference problem)

   I heard from the FCC, specifically from Riley Hollingsworth and I'm
surprised at the response. Riley is going to research ways that I can DF the
cordless phone interference without listening to the voice. I assume that
means that it's illegal to listen to cordless phone transmissions even if
they are in our amateur bands.
   I don't know what else to say, I'm kind of baffled by this. I guess I'll
wait and see what he comes up with.
Steve .. AI7W

>I am sure I'm within my rights to DF any signal that's inside the bands I'm
>licensed to use. However, I have no desire to end up in a test case of a
>poorly written law. So, I've emailed the FCC for clarification. While I'm
>waiting for their blessing I'll build a DF receiver.
>Steve .. AI7W

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