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AO-40 AGC study,please read it!

Hi, about the AGC level on AO-40 I totally agree with Hakim DH2VA.
I'm was out of AO-40 operations from last June and I remember when I have 
start my activity was very simple to work.
If you see my logbook or listen my wave files posted on the web site there 
are a lot of new DX callsign (for me) and greatest SSTV test (RX and TX).
My rig is very poor, MMDS Cal Amplifier 1.5NF with a offset dish 80cm,for 
the uplink a IC820 with 40meter of RG213 and max power output from TX abt 
25W SSB (maybe 10 on the antenna), UHF antenna 13el RHCP.
Last week after six months of QRT I decide to work again AO-40 with very bad 
I'm wasn't able to listen my downlink (due to very strong NF of my MMDS) and 
like Hakim I suspected a fault in my TX system.
It's true if you have an RX system with 0.7 db NF 10W are enough to work 
like portable operations but It' also true if we use less power than will be 
possible for ALL make a QSO on the bird.
Unlike I can't buy a commercial downconverter (business prob.) and at the 
moment my amateur activity is SWL via AO-40.
After this please read the KU4OS's article and you can see what happen on 
AO-40 every orbit! this is the link:


Thank you and I hope the "old lady" AO-10 come back soon.

73 de Andrea IT9GSV@amsat.org

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