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Controller progress report

Hi All

Just a note on where we are on the new controller board ..

Have The F1EHN interface working and am in process of finishing the NOVA 
interface , as my expert co-worker has fixed the screwed up software of 
mine so now have F1EHN and just did the NOVA interface so that is not 
complete yet but is tracking the sat , more work there to finish ..

for those that want to test their 24 GHz systems AO 40 does have a 
active 24 GHz down link session that is doing down link transmissions 
from other uplink inputs ..

have to check the amsat site for when it is on ..
  today it is just about ready to come over the east coast of the US 
about 12:00 or 17:00 zulu .. Jan 14, 2003 .. be several hours be visible 
to the US today .... or 2.401.334 + and - pass band .. for signals ..

best tom
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