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Re: FT-847 data jack

At 09:52 AM 1/14/03 -0600, Estes Wayne-W10191 wrote:

>Ed wrote:
>The FT-817 DATA jack is identical and pin-compatible so my cables will
just plug into either radio.  
>Wayne replies:
>My FT-817 uses a mini-DIN connector for the DATA connection.  Definitely
not the same as the 3.5mm "headphone" connector on the FT-847.

Yes you are correct...geesh I don't believe I did that!

I mixed up the packet jack with the DATA jack in my mind.  The FT-817/847
Packet mini-DIN jacks are identical.  So for FM packet the TNC cable works
for either radio.  But this is not what was being discussed "interfacing a
computer for SSTV or other soundcard sw".

Sorry for the confusion!


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