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FT-847 data jack

Ed AL7EB wrote:

Inserting the DATA jack automatically disconnects the mic, as well...very nice!

Wayne replies:

You can still use the microphone when the data cable is connected to the back of the radio.  Microphone audio is only disconnected when you KEY the radio via the DATA jack.

Many older FT-847 units have a defect that causes the microphone audio to NOT be disconnected when the radio is keyed via the DATA jack.  I had to do a mod to my FT-847 to make this feature work.  I called Yaesu, and they sent me the part and instructions to perform the modification myself.  The mod involves soldering a SOT transistor over an SOIC with "flying leads".

Ed wrote:

The FT-817 DATA jack is identical and pin-compatible so my cables will just plug into either radio.  

Wayne replies:

My FT-817 uses a mini-DIN connector for the DATA connection.  Definitely not the same as the 3.5mm "headphone" connector on the FT-847.

Wayne Estes W9AE
Mundelein, IL, USA (where if seems like Alaska at the moment)
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