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SSTV on AO40

Piero Baudino wrote:

I'm planning to do some tests on AO-40 via SSTV.
My RIG is FT-847 from Yaesu, I receive on 2 mt. band and transmit on 70 cm. band.
Someone can tell me what's the best interface to use with soundblaster ?
What's the right 847 port to use ? The data-in/out or the packet port ?
I think the data-in/out port is only for HF bands, right ?

Wayne replies:

Use the "data" port to connect to your sound card.  There are MANY interfaces that you could buy or build.  Some interfaces require a serial port to key the radio PTT.  Other interfaces have a "VOX" circuit to key the radio via the data port (grounding the RX audio pin).

The "packet" port isn't for specific bands.  It is for FSK operation with the radio in FM mode, which is typically done on VHF bands.  The data port is for AFSK operation with the radio in SSB mode.

I have successfully tried many data modes on HF bands with my sound card interface.  I have yet to hear PSK-31 on AO40, so I don't know if that works.  I tried using MMSSTV to decode SSTV on AO40, and all I got was diagonal lines, even near apogee when Doppler was minimal.  MMSSTV auto-detected the mode (usually Scottie2), but I never got a good picture.  I have very little experience with SSTV, but it seems to work when I receive SSTV on HF bands.  Does something need to be configured differently for MMSSTV to work properly on AO40?

Wayne Estes W9AE
Mundelein, IL, USA
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