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Re: SSTV on AO-40

At 08:22 PM 1/13/03 +0100, Piero Baudino wrote:
>I'm planning to do some tests on AO-40 via SSTV.
>My RIG is FT-847 from Yaesu, I receive on 2 mt. band and transmit on 70
>cm. band.
>Someone can tell me what's the best interface to use with soundblaster ?
>What's the right 847 port to use ? The data-in/out or the packet port ?
>I think the data-in/out port is only for HF bands, right ?
>Thanks for any info.
>'73 de Piero IZ1ERR


I don't do any SSTV, yet, but most soundcard programs use SSB to modulate
the radio.  The Packet jack on the FT-847 is for FM-packet, while the DATA
jack does FSK and PSK in the SSB mode.  It is not limited to any frequency
so will work fine on VHF or UHF.  I believe I have heard that it doesn't
work when in the satellite mode...doesn't modulate the subband (Tx) (anyone
else wish to comment on this?).

I use a homebuilt interface to my FT-847 DATA jack for use with psk-31,
FFTDSP (spectrum display for weak siganl detection), computer generated CW,
and WSJT/JT-44.  All these modes use the audio output of the DATA jack to
demodulate the respective type of signal.  Psk-31 and JT-44 modulate the
rig with psk tones, as well.

If you key the radio PTT using the tip of the DATA plug you will need to
isolate the Tx audio from the dc keying using a blocking capacitor.  Maybe
the Rig Blaster does this for you...I'm not familiar with it.

A couple nice details of the DATA jack is that Rx audio is fixed at a low
level and independent of the volume control so you can vary for listening
pleasure or turn it down if the bleeps and squawks get to be irritating.
Inserting the DATA jack automatically disconnects the mic, as well...very

The FT-817 DATA jack is identical and pin-compatible so my cables will just
plug into either radio.  Thanks, Yaesu (Vertex).

73, ED - AL7EB

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