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Compiling List of Wireless phones

I am working on a list of 2.4Ghz wireless phones and the frequencies they
use. I plan to post this information on my Web page. if you have one of
these phones please send me the FCC ID number from it and I will add it to
my list. If you happen to be in a store and write down the number this would
be appreciated. I plan to come up with a list of phones that are not on the
AO40 output so these can be recommended to neighbors that are causing
problems. I figure in the worst case you can offer to buy them one of these
units in replacement for their old one. The up side to this is if that phone
is one of the ones that is not spread spectrum it can be used for a signal
source for testing receive systems. It can also be used as a receiver to
help trace down other problem phones in the neighborhood.

The small amount of data I have gathered so far is on my Web site. Look
under Wireless Phone Info.


Gary Gonnella W6RYO

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