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RE: A half-million and counting

Richard -- good question!

> Has anyone noticed that some SETI work-units take longer than
> others ??
> Typically my system takes 12.5 hours/unit and there's the
> occasional unit that finishes a few hours earlier. (We know about them.)
> But occasionally theres a unit that takes ~20 hours or so - anyone know
why ?
> These occur when no other processing (that I'm aware of) takes place; but
> not only then.

Richard -- sometimes the data you are munching comes from times when the
Arecibo telescope is moving slowly to track a particular object in the sky;
and sometimes the telescope is moving rapidly to slew between objects; and
sometimes the telescope is not moving so that the sky drifts overhead.
Depending on how many beamwidths are needed to describe the particular 107
second chunk you are analyzing, different computing strategies are adopted.

You will see this discussed on Ed Roeloff's SetiSpy web page at
http://personalwebs.myriad.net/roelof/setispy/. Scroll down about 60% of the
page to an entry called PROCESSING TIME for comments on the parameter he
calls AR = Angle Range.

On the SETI@Home site, take a look at the FAQ item
http://setiathome.berkeley.edu/faq.html#q100 for more details.

73, Tom

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