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RE: serious S-band Interference problem

	It was pointed out to me that it is illegal to record or even listen to
cordless phone calls. I checked and that is indeed true. I have destroyed
all recordings.
	I wonder how I'm to resolve the interference problem when I can't actually
listen to the interfering signal? The signal is in an amateur band that I am
licensed to use. I think I'll write Riley and see what he thinks.

>I have a similar phone...used it as a signal source on several d/cs...just
>unplug the phone line and pick it up. The best part is that these are
>usually multi channel. It may disappear on it's own soon enough.
>73, Drew, KO4MA

	You've given me an idea. I wonder if I couldn't modify one of these phones
to act as a beacon. Can you tell me what the  manufacturer and model of your
2.4ghz signal generator is?
	re. multi-channel operation. I haven't heard the phone tonight, so maybe
there's hope.

>Chances are she'll decide she needs to keep her $19.95 phone and contact
>the legislators to enact a law where hams can't use the band anymore.
>Just my 2¢ worth ...
>73 de JoAnne WB9JEJ

	Since I can't actually listen to the signal, there's no way I can prove
that it's interfering, hence the cordless phone user owns the band. They
don't even need to pass a law.

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