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Re: further N connector

on 1/12/03 6:15 PM, Brian at bmitton1@mindspring.com wrote:

> Military part#  Digikey part#   Amphenol part#  Price
> UG-58A/U        ARF1023-ND      82-97         $8.60
> UG-58A          ARFX1023-ND     82-97-RFX     $4.86
> UG-58           ARF1160-ND      82-24         $9.72
> Can anybody explain the difference between these.
> Should I just buy the most expensive one?

No, buying the most expensive on isn't always necessary.  The "you get what
you pay for argument" in N-connectors isn't always correct.

Likely what you have here is possibly some different plating types.  One
might be stainless steel, one might be nickel plated, one might be what's
called tri-metal plating.  The nickel one is going to be the $4.86 one.
It's fine for ham use.  No difference in performance that you'd see.

The stainless steel is spec'd by military for ruggedness.  The tri-metal is
used in commercial applications where passive intermod is an issue such as
in cell phone receivers.  Hams don't need to worry about either of these.

Buy the $4.86 one and save some $$$.



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