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Re: serious S-band Interference problem

I have a similar phone...used it as a signal source on several d/cs...just
unplug the phone line and pick it up. The best part is that these are
usually multi channel. It may disappear on it's own soon enough.

73, Drew, KO4MA

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Sent: Sunday, January 12, 2003 7:23 PM
Subject: [amsat-bb] serious S-band Interference problem

> I have a serious interference problem that's keeping me off AO-40 and I
> could use some suggestions as to how to resolve it.
> The problem started while I was on the AO-40 net on Jan. 3rd. A signal
> on the frequency that took out the satellite completely. It turns out that
> there is a cordless phone running wideband FM with a center frequency of
> 2401.375 in my neighborhood. This isn't a digital phone, I can switch to
> wide band FM and understand every word that's said by both parties. The
> signal strength is nearly full scale on my receiver. When the woman who
> this phone is using it, which is most of the time in the evening, I can't
> even hear the beacon from AO-40. The result is I'm off the bird until I
> solve this problem.
> I need to find this phone and get this woman off AO-40's downlink. I have
> the general direction that the signal comes from but there are a dozen or
> more homes within a couple of blocks of me in that direction. I've been
> listening to and recording her conversations but all I've managed to find
> out is a lot of personal stuff that doesn't help (but would be pretty
> embarrassing if she knew she was being listened to).
> I've thought of trying to decode a phone number and track her by calling
> one of her friends, but for some reason I never hear her dial. I've
> considered buying another converter and building a DFing receiver (Does
> anyone have a cheap Drake or Transystems converter for sale?). I've
> considered building a small beacon transmitter and leaving in on the
> satellite frequency when I'm not on (I understand that the signal
> made from the Drake 2880 is pretty loud, all I'd need is a way to modulate
> it, preferably WBFM). I even considered buying the DEMI 1 watt S-band
> converter and using it as a beacon (I'm pretty sure she'd hear it if I
> hooked it up to my dish and pointed it in the general direction of her
> house).
> Finding the house would probably solve the problem. Once the woman finds
> out that any ham with an S-band receiver can hear every word she says,
> ll probably throw the phone in the trash.
> Any suggestions are welcome.
> I imagine this is just the tip of the iceberg. There are probably
> of these phones sitting on store shelves right now.
> Steve  -AI7W-
> Email: ai7w@arrl.net
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