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serious S-band Interference problem

	I have a serious interference problem thatís keeping me off AO-40 and I
could use some suggestions as to how to resolve it.
	The problem started while I was on the AO-40 net on Jan. 3rd. A signal came
on the frequency that took out the satellite completely. It turns out that
there is a cordless phone running wideband FM with a center frequency of
2401.375 in my neighborhood. This isnít a digital phone, I can switch to
wide band FM and understand every word thatís said by both parties. The
signal strength is nearly full scale on my receiver. When the woman who owns
this phone is using it, which is most of the time in the evening, I canít
even hear the beacon from AO-40. The result is Iím off the bird until I
solve this problem.
	I need to find this phone and get this woman off AO-40ís downlink. I have
the general direction that the signal comes from but there are a dozen or
more homes within a couple of blocks of me in that direction. Iíve been
listening to and recording her conversations but all Iíve managed to find
out is a lot of personal stuff that doesnít help (but would be pretty
embarrassing if she knew she was being listened to).
	Iíve thought of trying to decode a phone number and track her by calling
one of her friends, but for some reason I never hear her dial. Iíve
considered buying another converter and building a DFing receiver (Does
anyone have a cheap Drake or Transystems converter for sale?). Iíve
considered building a small beacon transmitter and leaving in on the
satellite frequency when Iím not on (I understand that the signal generator
made from the Drake 2880 is pretty loud, all Iíd need is a way to modulate
it, preferably WBFM). I even considered buying the DEMI 1 watt S-band
converter and using it as a beacon (Iím pretty sure sheíd hear it if I
hooked it up to my dish and pointed it in the general direction of her
	Finding the house would probably solve the problem. Once the woman finds
out that any ham with an S-band receiver can hear every word she says, sheí
ll probably throw the phone in the trash.
	Any suggestions are welcome.
I imagine this is just the tip of the iceberg. There are probably thousands
of these phones sitting on store shelves right now.

Steve  -AI7W-
Email: ai7w@arrl.net

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