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New versions of LinWSJT and UKW Tools

Hi All

I am happy to announce the availability of new versions of two of my
software packages. They both run under Linux and are open source (GPL).

The first is LinWSJT 0.4 which is an implementation of the FSK441 and 
JT44 data modes for use with Meteor Scatter and EME/Tropo respectively. 
New with this release is the FSK441 program as well as changes to the 
JT44 program, although these are not visible to the user. Both programs 
make use of the sound card in a PC to do the receiving and 
transmitting, the hard work is done by Digital Signal Processing 
functions within the program. The only real requirement is that the 
computer clock is within one second or so of the correct time. Within 
the package is a Word 2000 document outlining in simple language some 
of the techniques that are used.

The second piece of software is UKW Tools which allows for the plotting 
of terrain so that radio paths can be investigated. The actual data 
used for this must be obtained separately over the Internet. This is a 
minor revision of the previous release and fixes a couple of bugs.

Both of these packages can be found on my web pages 
http://www.qsl.net/g4klx under Software. There you will also find 
MTrack my satellite tracking program and Baken which visualises 
European V/U/SHF beacons. Both of these latter two packages have 
whiskers on.

Jonathan  HB9DRD/G4KLX
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