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Re: A half-million and counting


> Yes, there I am, number 75. I have 655 units and I am advancing
> rapidly. I do a unit in under 5 hours although my average shows
> just over 15 hours. Recently bought a new whiz bang P4.
> I run the command line version, using SetiSpy as a front end. Like
> I said, less than 5 hours per unit.

I have been running SETI@Home on each of the Linux servers that made
up the JANET Proxy/Cache Service, but that service was closed down at
the end of its contract on the 7th December 2002.  The upshot of this
is that I've lost around 45 systems although each of the systems was
only running SETI@Home for around 6 hours each weekday evening and
all day at weekends, so it wouldn't interfere with the Proxy/Cache

I have noticed that my individual position reached a peak of 1481 ot
of the 4.2 million users, but that has been steadily moving back down
since the 7th December and I'm currently around the 1550 mark.

My slowest system is an old P120 at home (SuSE Linux) which takes
nearly 3 days to complete a unit, and at the other end of the scale
is my PIII/900 laptop which runs through 2.5 units (when its conected
to the mains) in a day. I have the client running on another half
dozen or so systems, but none of them are really fast.

So it looks like you'll all be passing me soon... :-(


p.s: 25 of the 45 proxy/cache servers are piled up in a corner of our
office and might go back online if we can find a room to put them in
- - they make a hell of a racket when they are running with 6-8 disks
and 2-4 fans per system...

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