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Re: N connector failure report

It was either that or the female connector could have been a 75 Ohm N.  That
would certainly "splay" the contact.  And it is not so easy to distinguish a
75 Ohm female from a 50 Ohm female.

Glad you got it fixed.



on 1/10/03 10:38 PM, Woody at kj4so@nc.rr.com wrote:

> RE:
> "The center connector gold tip had been 'splayed' to create the unreliable
> connection".
> Hi Greg:
> The most likely cause of your problem with the female connector's center
> contact was that the center pin on the male connector was improperly
> installed and it protruded to far.  This is one of the most common mistakes
> I have seen over the years when people install "N" connectors, without
> properly measuring the length of the center conductor.
> The center pin of a male "N" connector should be just below the edge of the
> metal shield that surrounds the center pin.  If you press the tip of a
> finger on the end of the connector, the center pin should leave only a
> slight depression on your finger tip.  If it protrudes beyond the edge of
> the metal shield and actually sticks your finger, it will destroy the female
> connector's center contact.

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