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re: Sun Keplerians

Hi Vince,

Well, I looked in the mirror and didn't see a reflection, so I can't be
anybody else's ghost, hi.

 I've had lots of suggestions to just use a certain program or other to
track the Sun, but apparently the respondents didn't actually read my
original post.

I am using Satscape with the WispDDE interface to automatically track the
satellites, the Moon, etc. I would like to use the same program to track the
Sun, since neither Instantrack, nor Nova, support the DDE interface. And
since Satscape does not allow me to select the Sun as a tracking option, I
wanted to fool it by putting in a set of keps for the Sun. These keps need
to be in Nasa 2-line format.

As it turns out, keps are available for the Sun. But, I have tried
converting the Amsat set, and also tried the set that Stacey posted (
thanks, Stacey) and they don't seem to work. I can only assume that the
error is due to the keps being rather old, and the errors in the original
set have grown over time.

I have decided that the best course of action is to contact the writer of
the Satscape software and ask him if he is interested in making the Sun
available as a trackable option. So, I think we can dispense with any
further attempts to solve this problem. Sometimes the easiest answer really
is the obvious one.

Thanks to all that responded.



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