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Re: Sun Kepelerians..

Are you the ghost of Claudius Ptolemy? HI
I've studied this and the mechanics of orbiting bodies.  I'm not an expert, 
but I don't believe you can come up with an element set that will track the 
sun using the algorithms found in our typical amateur radio satellite 
tracking programs.  You might be able to come up with element sets for 
around the spring and fall equinox's that might work for a week or 
two.  You might also be able to generate keps for the sun that might work 
for a few hours tops, and then you'd have to generate a new set in order to 
keep tracking, and these  generated element sets would be generated 
specific to your location on earth.  That's far more work that it's worth. 
Best just buy a copy of InstantTrack and be done with it. Set me straight 

At 06:10 PM 1/10/03 -0400, "Paul Willmott" <pwillmott@northrock.bm> wrote:
>... sorry but for Sun tracking purposes the Sun does orbit the Earth, ....
>you can very accurately calculate the Sun's elev/azim based on an Earth
>centric universe.

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