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Re: question the amsat group

At 02:32 PM 1/10/03 -0600, James Kennedy wrote:

>I friend NE0P told me about a place that does layaway for Radio's.
>The place is www.comdac.com

I would not go the lay-away route.  Here's why... I looked at comdac's 
webpage... they give you three months to pay for the radio and if you don't 
they keep 20% of the selling price.  The only reason I can imagine ever 
doing this would be to lock in a very good sale price... But that only 
works if you were planning to  buy from this company and if a very good 
sale is going on.  A number of the big amateur radio companies were doing 
sales before Xmas, but those have generally expired.  However, Dayton is 
coming up in May.  More and more manufacturers have been offering good 
prices in the Dayton time frame even if you aren't buying at Dayton.  I'd 
suggest saving the money over this time frame with the idea of buying the 
radio in mid-May.  That way, you can pay cash, shop from any dealer you 
like, and take advantage of the Dayton prices.

Frankly, with very few exceptions, I've never understood why it was ever to 
the consumer's advantage to use layaway.

John W2FS

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