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RE: more on Sun Keps


I know that this doesn't answer your question directly. However feeding keps
for the sun into a LEO/P3 orbital propagator won't get you the best results
on Sun pointing. Most good tracking programs have specific code for tracking
the sun and moon, and are very accurate.

If you need a solar tracker try this one from Stacey, W4SM.

Solar/Lunar Tracking Program Ver4.2 (TrakSM.exe) 

This program locates the Sun and Moon in real time using a full set of
ephemeris factors. Gives azimuth, elevation, right ascension, declination,
and range to each. Also gives Lunar/Solar Rise/Set times for the current
day. Enter your Latitude and Longitude the first time and these are saved
for future use. Enter your clock's offset from UTC, and you're off and
running. Program updates every minute. The new version includes an earth map
and a celestial map for the earth and moon. Shadows for the earth and moon
can be adjusted as desired. 

Its available here:


Paul, VP9MU

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Hi again,

I suppose that my previous post about Sun keps was too subtle, or too
vague...so, let me try again.

The keps for the Sun,  in Amsat format, are as follows:

Sun 1995:

Epoch time: 80.092361111    year 1995
Inclination: 23.44 deg.
Arg. of perigee: 282.87 deg.
MA: 75.2803
MM: 0.0027379093

What I need is to convert this information into the Nasa 2 line format.

Any ideas, anyone..??



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