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Marxconi Centennial special event station txt

Good day everyone. I was invited to operate at the Marconi Centennial
special event station. I was invited because of my Satellite expertise.  Now
I know that some of you might dispute that. But I'm going anyway, So no
whining. I will be on site from 1/11 thru 1/18.
 There will be two complete satellite stations. BOTH stations will be active
on(if operating)
 AO40, FO20, FO29, UO14, AO27, SO41, SO50, UO22, GO-32 , and ISS.  The call
will be KM1CC. I will also be running APRS on the way up as KM1CC-9 on ISS
and UO-22 packet. I will also be using my D7G with my Arrow antenna on
packet as KM1CC-7. And maybe on the FM bird's on voice. This means that
there might be 3 stations on the air with the same callsign. The reason that
I'm doing this is to allow anyone who wants to make a QRP satellite contact,
the opportunity to do so.  But we won't attempt this unless it seems
feasible, at any given time. This is not a DX-pedition, The whole idea of
the event is to let all visitors who want to,  get on the air and operate
from this historical site, on the band , mode of their choice. If you plan
on making the trip, and want to operate, don't forget to bring a copy of
your Amateur radio license. it is a chance to let anyone who visit's the
chance to operate from this historical location. , this is a 24/7 operation.
The event website is.....


This URL covers the HF Frequencies, and the various IRLP,Echolink, etc,
opportunities that will be available.  So you will also be able to  sit at
your computer and get involved. We, NX2Q Al and me will be operating off the
network,  so we might not get our daily log in each day, but it will get it
in, maybe a day late. We will be operating from Al's rover satellite
station, look up his call on qrz.com for a picture.
Now the important stuff. No one has come up with a frequency plan for the
satellites, I got involved only last week, so here's what I come up with,
for the two stations....

AO-40  30k and 40k above the beacon.

FO-20 and FO-29  435.850 and 435.860.

AO-07  145.940 and 145.950 mode B,  29.450 and 29.460 while in  mode A

 The Satellite operators that I know will be on site are NZ2Q Al ,KB2M Jeff,
and at the other site N1HID Rick, and KT2K Jeff.
 Do these frequencies seem agreeable? Any reason to change them? Any
questions? I will be leaving tomorrow morning, so I will be available for
any email till about 10pm est  tonight.The event start's at 0 GMT1/11,
tonight, I don't know if the other Sat station will be on the air tonight,
we will be on tomorrow evening.   I hope to work you on the bird's...

73 Jeff kb2m

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