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Re: N connectors-failures?

on 1/9/03 8:00 PM, Stan at stan@capecod.com wrote:

> Avoid the 2 part N's above 222 MHz

I would disagree with this.  They are certainly fine up through UHF (heck,
even PL-259s will work OK at 440 MHz!).  I wouldn't use them about 1 GHz

> Observe the impedance of the connector. Do not mate different impedance
> connectors.
> A 50 ohm male center pin is guaranteed to destroy a 75 ohm female pin.

Oh yeah.  You are right there.  You can tell a 75 Ohm N Male because the pin
is very thing.  Harder to tell on the female.

> I use N connectors at legal limit at 222 MHz and below.
> I will probably use a 7/16-DIN connector for the legal limit 902 and
> 1296 MHz amps...

I'd say that's probably overkill, certainly for 902.  Properly mated Ns can
handle a lot of power.  The 7/16 is getting popular with a lot of guys even
at HF.  It's just so large that it can be impractical.

Good post, though Stan.  You hit the nail on the head.



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