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Re: AO27 back on the air

    I wonder if it got stuck on, and ran the batteries flat?
    The earlier posts of hearing AO-27 on passes where it
    shouldn't have been transmitting were concerning.  Now this...

No, it was some other glitch:

    Jan 7nd, 2003 UTC

    AO-27 is not running the TEPR states. All data from the satellite
    shows that it is not entering an eclipse. This is causing the software
    to remain in TEPR 6. Until we get this worked out, AO-27 will only be
    turned on by ground station command and will have to remain in Digital
    mode. The good news to all this is that the batteries seem fully

TEPR 6 is the state its on-board controller goes to while waiting for
an eclipse period to start.  [See http://www.ao27.org/AO27/tepr.html]
Since AO-27 is in a sun-synchronous orbit during local mid-morning/mid-
evening, it is guaranteed by its orbital mechanics never to have an orbit 
without eclipse.

No doubt they'll work on this as time permits.

			         -- KD6PAG
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