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Re: MEROPE Project in Montana

G'day to you too Bill,

Bill squared us away with news of the ...
> ... Cube Satellite Project (MEROPE) 
> http://www.ssel.montana.edu/merope/
> For JoAnne, maybe you can use this for AMSAT information.

Yes, thanks Bill.  Quite a few Journal articles start from a lead
like this one.  So when you hear of something, anything, let me
know about it and the Journal can check into it.  

On the other hand, if anyone follows up on a story and writes it up,
the Journal will gladly use that too.  Just get into the computer
the first time and we'll do the formatting and all that stuff for
you.  We will also consider articles written on napkins or your 
lunch bag.  Please number the napkins and get most of the ketchup
off of them.

73 de JoAnne WB9JEJ
AMSAT Journal Editor

73 de JoAnne WB9JEJ
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